Re: Question about long landing pages addresses reported in Shopify

Question about long landing pages addresses reported in Shopify

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Today I received a lot of visits to my site that show up as arriving on these long-strings of address line. When I go to my site, it looks like I only see the first part of the URL, ending with the .com.
I don't know where the additional code comes from. I often see these long strings in my Google Analytics and on my Shopify reporting, but I'm stumped as to how to decipher what they mean.
I do put UTM code elements on my Ads, so does that code get pulled into the address code? 
Can someone help me understand what all the scrambled letters mean?October 19 Landing Page URLS very long and mysterious.jpg
Here is the image:
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gclid and wbraid are url parameters used for tracking  

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Thank you for replying. So then, does that mean if there is a GCLID or WBRAID in the string that identifies "this is the page on your site that the person visited" it means that the person got there by clicking a (WHAT??)  if GCLID) and a (WHAT??) if a WBRAID ?


Both of these appear in place of a GCLID (that would appear if the person came to the landing page from a Google ad and allowed IOS tracking) but has instead opted out of IOS tracking)?


It's a little complicated. 

Thanks for clarifying,