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Hi everyone. This is a very novice question but I have a question about the site structure. I used a website structure visualization tool to scan my website and found that the pages have a flat hierarchy under the homepage. This is strange to me because I set the t-shirt-related pages below the T-shirts at the Main menu. To make more hierarchy, What should I do?




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There is nothing wrong or strange having a flat hierarchy.

Nesting menu items under other menus items has nothing to with hierarchy that is simply a UX affordance to build user facing navigations.


You want less complexity running a software based system not more.


There are no hierarchical categorization, aka sub collections , or in shopify.

The closest is using tags.

Use those terms in research on shopify's information architecture if you need to try and fake hierarchy.



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This however, does have repercussions on SEO so, it's not ideal at all.

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I would argue that the URL structure of Shopify does not have a negative effect on SEO. With the proper markup, contents and effort high ranking in search engines is very possible. Site structure is low on the list of what you should be concerned with.

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