"No Shipping Rates Found For This Address" - PLEASE HELP ASAP Losing Customers

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My store is pretty new.  When I set it up I didnt have this issue.  I tried to do a test of products in my store because everything was shipping priority at $8.35.  I was loosing money.  I adjusted the weights and verified my shipping rates.  Upon testing several items, it appears that once the weight exceeds the weight for the priority shipping I get the error.  For example I put 4 items in my cart that weighed 3lbs02.15ounces.  The shipping showed only once choice pf priority at $8.35.  I then added 4 more to the cart then I got the message.  I tried another item. I put 10 coffee mugs in the cart and it showed only one shipping rate of priority of$8.35.  Added 5 more, then I got the message.


I have another store that I tested.  I do get more shipping rate options at checkout, but the Priority rates are very low.  I have adjusted the weight of the items and for 15lbs its saying the shipping rate is $7.35.  I need help.

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