Re-connecting a third party domain through another host

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We have connected our shop to a third party domain and everything is working properly. However, we also want to create email accounts for our domain. Our domain registrar is, and the hosting provider we are using to set up email is

So now instead of connecting our domain to shopify directly from pknic, we will first point the domain to hostbreak, and then add A and CNAME records from hostbreak that point to shopify.

Since the primary domain in shopify is already connected right now from pknic, and SSL has already been verified, does the SSL need to be re-issued by shopify when our domain is routed to come from hostbreak?

We tried this earlier and our browser returned a security alert and blocked access to our store. Would like a confirmation that the security alert will go away without needing to reissue another SSL. Do we just need to wait longer? 

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