Recharge Promotion w/ Workflow

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I'm trying to create a promotion for Shopify store and my subscriptions where everything is 30% off. I would typically create a promo code in Recharge; however, it will conflict with my existing promo codes, meaning I need the following: 

  • 1 promo code for 30% off sitewide
    • One time order for drinks + merch 
  • 1 Recharge promo code for 30% off one-time add ons 
    • This is our merch 
  • +20% for subscriptions in Recharge w/ +10% (our ongoing discount for subs is 10%) 
    • Note that all of the drinks come in packs of 12 & 24, so two variants per SKU. 

I tried using workflows, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting them to work. Does anyone here have a tutorial or is willing to share how they've set it up in the store? OR have any recommendations! 

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