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Recomendations on boilerplate/skeleton starting themes?

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Im looking for recomendations on boilerplate starter themes for shopify that are easy to custom to your customers liking, it feels like the original starter themes like Dawn or Debut are too cluttered and will eventually work against you when you are trying to build a custom theme for a customer. Just as lightweight as possible with the nessecary files, maybe with having bootstrap would be nice:) open for recomendations

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I've not seen to many starter/framework themes that use Online Store 2.0 yet so my advice would be to stick with Dawn for now as it will help you get up to speed with the new processes. I've got a framework that I am building but much like other devs it's not quite ready to share yet. I think you'd be able to cut down Dawn pretty quickly if you know your way around themes.

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I agree, this would be really nice for getting set up with some simple minimal stores on the dev side. Without diving deep into hydrogen. Just want something fast and simple with some structure in place.