Redirect Continue Shopping Link to Shop Page (Debut Theme)

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I've got a Bundle Builder app installed, so my 'Shop' page redirects to the bundle URL, rather than the standard Shopify 'Shop' page. I'd like to get the 'Continue Shopping' links to redirect back to this page. By default, it was redirecting to 'All Collections', which is not what I want, as I don't want customers to ever see the standard 'Shop' page. I edited the cart-template page from:

<a href="{{ routes.all_products_collection_url }}" class="text-link text-link--accent">

{{ 'cart.general.continue_shopping' | t }}



<a href="{{ routes.root_url }}" class="text-link text-link--accent">

{{ 'cart.general.continue_shopping' | t }}


but this is taking customers back to the 'Home' page. This works for now, but it means them having to click twice, and I'd rather they were just taken straight to the 'Shop' page. I've got a custom URL as part of the Bundle Builder app that I'd like it to redirect to. Hope this is possible! Thanks.

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Hey there, Here is a suggestion that I have for you and i hope it would help you as well, is that you can simply add target="_blank" in the URL where your customers are clicking from the shop page to the Bundle URL this will redirect to that link in a new tab and your customer can stay in the Shop page as well.

If it is helpful, May I suggest you to try a good Shopify landing page builder such as Layoutbase

which can make your work easy and handy without knowing any coding, Thanks.

Sally Johnson - Ambassador