Redirect from /collections and /collections/all to another URL

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I am using Dawn. The following code is working well to redirect from /collections to another URL.

However when I add /collections/all, the website won't redirect from either /collections or /collections/all.


How can I add /collections/all? 


I can't use the Shopify default redirect function because it will change the letter from "?" to "_".


Thank you in advance.


{% if request.path == '/collections' %}
    window.location.href = '/collections/all?pf_st_fan_mai_zhuang_kuang=in-stock';
{% endif %}


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is there any specific reason that you don't want to verify the path with javascript instead of liquid? I know liquid is better for performance, but since your situation is very specific, maybe using javascript could do the trick

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Thanks for your reply. I don't mind JavaScript or Liquid.