Refresh Theme : I want to add sidebar on my blog posts, that sidebar should show recent blogs

Refresh Theme : I want to add sidebar on my blog posts, that sidebar should show recent blogs

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Refresh Theme: I want to add a sidebar on my blog posts, and that sidebar should show recent published blogs. There is no option related to sidebar anywhere in my theme.

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Hey @herbovedam 

If your theme does not have an option for a sidebar on blog posts, you can try implementing it manually by editing your theme's code. Here's a general approach to adding a sidebar to your blog posts and displaying recent published blogs:


  1. Access the Theme Code: From your Shopify admin dashboard, go to "Online Store" > "Themes." Find the theme you are using for your blog posts and click on the "Actions" dropdown. Select "Edit code" to access the theme's code editor.

  2. Locate the Blog Post Template: In the code editor, locate the template file that is responsible for rendering the individual blog posts. The file might be named something like "article.liquid" or "blog-post.liquid." If you're unsure, look for a file that is associated with blog posts and has a ".liquid" extension.

  3. Add Sidebar HTML: Inside the blog post template file, add the necessary HTML markup to create the sidebar. You can use <div> or <aside> tags to define the sidebar container. Customize the HTML structure based on your design preferences.

  4. Display Recent Blogs in the Sidebar: Within the sidebar, you'll need to add code to fetch and display the recent published blogs dynamically. Use Liquid templating language and Shopify's built-in blog object to retrieve the necessary blog data. Here's an example code snippet:


<div class="sidebar">
  <h3>Recent Blogs</h3>
    {% for blog in blogs %}
      <li><a href="{{ blog.url }}">{{ blog.title }}</a></li>
    {% endfor %}


 Save and Test: After adding the sidebar code, save the changes to your theme. Preview the              changes by navigating to a blog post page to see if the sidebar with recent blogs is displayed          as expected.


Note: The above steps provide a general guide, but the actual implementation may vary depending on your theme's structure and code organization. It's recommended to have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and Liquid to make the necessary modifications. If you're not comfortable with coding, consider consulting a Shopify expert or developer to assist you in implementing the sidebar in your theme.

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i tried multiple things but nothing worked

here is my website url-


please help