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Remix app not able to load in production

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We created a remix app that works in development.
We now deployed the app to azure app service and if we visit the url we see the site with heading "A short heading about [your app]" So the app is online
We then changed the url and redirect url of the app in the partner dashboard and then installed in a development shop
The app get installed. But when accessing the app the iframe rendered in shopify is blank.

I have set the following environment vars:
"SCOPES": "read_merchant_managed_fulfillment_orders,write_products,read_orders,read_products,read_assigned_fulfillment_orders,read_customers,read_shipping",





The log from the remixa app every time I try to load the app is as follow:

2023-10-07T07:18:37.230277359Z GET /?embedded=1&hmac=85965c6d595e4125224df581cdb57a8e0bbbf7fdf0eb4073a3011c018e3ec623&host=YWRtaW4uc2hvcGlmeS5jb20vc3RvcmUvY29ubGlucQ&locale=en&session=501e624582290416590865140b8c6189f6cfb16030f120291982782ebdd48f41& 302 - - 5.122 ms
2023-10-07T07:18:37.306012468Z [shopify-app/INFO] Authenticating admin request
2023-10-07T07:18:37.312424069Z [shopify-app/INFO] Authenticating admin request
2023-10-07T07:18:37.541277497Z [shopify-app/INFO] Shop hasn't installed app yet, redirecting to OAuth | {shop:}
2023-10-07T07:18:37.543334297Z [shopify-app/INFO] Shop hasn't installed app yet, redirecting to OAuth | {shop:}
2023-10-07T07:18:37.547134398Z GET /app?embedded=1&hmac=85965c6d595e4125224df581cdb57a8e0bbbf7fdf0eb4073a3011c018e3ec623&host=YWRtaW4uc2hvcGlmeS5jb20vc3RvcmUvY29ubGlucQ&locale=en&session=501e624582290416590865140b8c6189f6cfb16030f120291982782ebdd48f41& 302 - - 241.459 ms
2023-10-07T07:18:37.633046008Z [shopify-app/INFO] Authenticating admin request
2023-10-07T07:18:37.639076709Z GET /auth/exit-iframe?embedded=1&hmac=85965c6d595e4125224df581cdb57a8e0bbbf7fdf0eb4073a3011c018e3ec623&host=YWRtaW4uc2hvcGlmeS5jb20vc3RvcmUvY29ubGlucQ&locale=en&session=501e624582290416590865140b8c6189f6cfb16030f120291982782ebdd48f41& 200 - - 3.716 ms

app is hosted here


Anyone has a clue what is wrong.


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