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Hello community, I cannot seem to remove the messenger chatbot from my website. I have searched around the community to find similar queries. I have looked at app installed and there was no options for facebook or messenger chatbot. I'm using a third-party theme called debutify.

I have found a line of code in my theme.liquid file


Do I just delete this line and it will be disabled or do I need to add a line of code to do so? Also if there is a code to add, can anyone help me figure out where exactly is it supposed to be pasted? Can I just paste it below the messenger line or paste it right above the </body> line?



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Hey @aryan_profitto 


Could you please provide your Store URL and, if applicable, the Password too? Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!


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Hi @aryan_profitto ,

I think you can try removing it to delete the chat box


Hope my solution works perfectly for you!

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you can simply delete the line of code you found in your theme.liquid file to remove the Messenger chatbot from your website. It is not necessary to add any additional code.

To delete the code, open your theme.liquid file in a text editor. The code to remove is likely to be located near the bottom of the file, just before the </body> tag.

Look for a line of code that looks something like this:

<script src=""></script>

This is the code that loads the Facebook SDK, which is required for the Messenger chatbot to work.

To remove the chatbot, simply delete this line of code. Then, save your changes and upload the updated theme.liquid file to your Shopify store.

Once you have done this, the Messenger chatbot will be removed from your website.