Removed item from order still shows & is billed in the customer interface

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The other day, there was a mix-up in the product information, so that I had to edit the order for all customers who had bought a certain product and replace it with the correct one. Since both cost the same, this didn't seem to be a problem at first.

Today, a customer made me aware that when he accesses his order now BOTH products are listed and especially both are billed! But in my backend everything looks clean, that means the old product is removed, the new one where it should be. A one-time bug or a systemic problem?!

To make it clearer I have attached screenshots.

I am very grateful for your help!

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Hey, @waltlovescomics

Tira here to help. 

Thank you for all of these details and your screenshots. I appreciate it and they’re very helpful. 

When an order is edited in the Shopify admin, the updates to the order won’t be reflected in the customer’s account in their order history. It will display the original order history. This is a limitation that our developers are aware of, and are currently working on. 

I am happy to take your feedback to our developers so that they know that you’ve reached out, and how we can improve Shopify for you and all of our merchants. If we move forward with updating the order history on a customer account, we will post an update on our changelog or announcements page.

As a workaround, the customer can double check their updated order details through their order notification email, as it should have the newest updates on it, or the customer can contact you directly should they need to check. You can then take a look at their order in the Shopify admin and pass along any details they would like to know.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi Tira,


it has been a while since my query. Was this resolved? We still face the same problem with wrong billing and incorrect order items on the customers end, after we made a change to the order. 


Thank you

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Hi Tira,

Any good news on the topic?

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Over a year later and this is still an outstanding issue. Very inconvenient for a client that regularly needs to make post-purchase adjustments to account for Shopify's lack of ability to sell by different weights.

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Its been 3 years and this apparently has not been fixed yet. It is annoying when a customer calls to ask why the item he removed is still showing on his order.