Rendering main-cart-footer in a Dawn mini cart

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I've been building a mini cart on Dawn following this tutorial.

Everything is working well except for the main-cart-footer. The getSectionsToRender function in cart.js selects the main-cart-footer by data-id attribute which is available on the cart page. When the cart api is called bundled section rendering returns the html for the main-cart-footer just fine.


When we are not on the cart page there is no dynamic id attribute is available. I have tried using the 'main-cart-footer' which is the static id of the section but the bundled section rendering doesn't return the dynamic content inside of cart__blocks.


It's not possible to hard code dynamic id attribute because it changes. I have also tried using the sections_url parameter available set to the context of '/cart' and still get the empty area of the cart.

Anyone attempted this before or faced a similar issue?

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Step 4 was updated a month or so back


Important Note: In order for the footer messaging and price to work in the mini cart, you will need to make sure that the main-cart-footer.liquid includes default settings:

"default": {
    "blocks": [
            "type": "subtotal"
            "type": "buttons"

I think this is why it errors out. The Cart messaging can be a pain too.