Require phone number on checkout for international customers only

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The settings in Shopify allow you to require a phone number at checkout for ALL customers. We need to apply that setting to only international customers. 

We have Shopify Plus, and have access to checkout.liquid. Here is was a support rep recommended:

"Since you are a Plus merchant, you have access to customizing your checkout with the custom checkout.liquid template. So in this case, you could implement some custom code that would allow you to detect the address/country entered and then check the phone value field."

Is there an easy snippet of some kind we can throw in our checkout.liquid to achieve this? Thank you in advance.

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Hi there! Here's an answer to your question: If it doesn't make sense or you still have questions, one of the experts can walk you through the solution. 

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Hi, it looks like this video is deleted.


Is this only possible on shopify plus? or lower plans can do it?

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Any updates regarding this?

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Any updates? We're curious about this feature too.

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Is there an answer to this question ? Such a vital question goes unanswered.