Restrict certain countries from adding to cart issues

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We have a certain collection of products that are restricted to ONLY be sold in the US and Canada, so to restrict the sale of these to other countries, we have created an additional shipping profile that is applied to this collection, preventing the user from completing their checkout if they selected them.


This would work fine, however anytime a US/Canada customer adds multiple products that have both our regular shipping profile AND this special Us/Canada profile collection, it is essentially applying two different profiles to their order, leading to an increased shipping cost (since it's applying shipping twice). I have talked to Shopify support about this several times and it seems like this is accurate behavior, but it creates a less than ideal scenario for us where our customers are paying a very expensive shipping rate if they want products from both collections.


Shopify's suggestion was to use an app that would block specific countries, but it seems like the only one that would potentially work is GeoLocation: Product Blocker, but that just straight up hides the collection which seems like a bad user experience if a customer from a blocked country literally just can't see anything.


Does have anyone have any other suggestions on another workaround for this? We are more than likely losing out on sales due to increased shipping costs and it seems crazy to me there isn't an easier way to just restrict customers from certain countries from adding a product to their cart.



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Welcome to Shopify Community,
Here is an App you can try this ,


thank you.

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Hey Devtalk, thanks for the reply but as I mentioned in my post, I've tried this app before and while it works well, it is very limited in its scope and does not provide a good user experience.

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If you set up Markets (Settings > Markets), then within the Product's detail page under Publishing you can click Manage and change which markets a particular product is available to.


Alternatively you can use Shopify's build in localization features to hide parts of particular templates based on the ISO code of the country from which the customer is browsing. This is typically used for localization (for example, display a specific message for Canadian customers), but can be applied to any part of the liquid template. Shopify has published more info here: