Restrict Use On Checkout Page if some product required customers details to place and order?

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We have faced some issues with application development.



We have a pharmacy app and we needed to do customization on the checkout page.


1) Prescribed product checkout:

Needed customer detail with their filled questionnaire of products.

2) Without prescribed product checkout:

No need for questionnaires and customer detail during checkout.


Here, the checkout page creates an issue where customers can log out while placing an order. we needed customer detail while placing an order of a prescribed product. So, need your help on how can we able to achieve this functionality on the checkout page. We have put some required conditions on other pages till the cart page.


Issue 2:

We have also faced an issue to attach the consultancy of products on each order to get the detail of order products questionnaires. How can we add an order attribute which helps us to link more than one consultancy of products? 


Please help regarding this issue issues and needed your support to resolve an issue asap.

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Hi @RichardSmith2 


Are you still looking for a fix for your issues?



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