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Retrieving tax-exempted prices on the entire storefront (not just cart page) using Liquid

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We noticed Shopify behaves differently for the store having set a tax-exempted customer. Please check the details:


For the first store:

  • Shopify's tax adjustment is currently affecting the base price of the product.
  • Shopify offers the tax-exempt price only on the cart page through liquid.

For the second tore:

  • Shopify's tax computation occurs within the TAX section, impacting that section, not the base product price.
  • The storefront maintains a consistent price display, irrespective of tax exemption adjustments.



  1. How do we determine which store should have the expected X or Y behavior? Is there a way to do so?
  2. Where can we find the tax-exempt product price on all storefront pages? Currently, Shopify offers the exempted price only on the cart page through the line_item object using line_item.price.


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