Ride Theme - Video not showing on mobile.

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Hi Guys,


Using Ride Theme, pretty OOB. In the image carasel I added a link to YouTube video, all works great on desktop however on mobile I just get a black space where the video should be or this video is unavailable. 


All settings in YouTube are correct to public etc, taking a look at the other solutions offered I can't seem to get them to work. Perhaps as this is a newer theme code base? 


Here is a link to one of the product, when you scroll through the images the video is the last one.



Any suggestions on how to make this work on mobile? Or is there a way to contact the theme developers as I could not find that either, seems a massive oversight to have a theme not working 100% on mobile... 


Thanks in advance. 


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Do you have a screenshot of this issue? I have tried the link above on mobile in chrome and safari, and on both I am able to see and play the video on an iPhone.

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Hi, thanks for checking. it must have been a change made yesterday and took time to propogate or my cache to clear?? Checking this morning, nothing, checked gain now and its working! (must have been your magic touch).