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Sales Channel Product Links in Account Section

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I am working on building a sales channel and I'm confused with these requirements:

  1. The sales channel's publishing section must show the number of products currently published, and provide links to the Shopify bulk editor to view and manage those products.

  2. The sales channel's publishing section must report any products with errors that prevent them from being published on the sales channel.

And these instructions:

"To surface product publishing errors to the merchant, you need to build a status card using the card component. This status section is included as part of the channel account page.

Your status card could show products being synced or products with errors preventing their sync.

Merchants must be able to view all products with publishing error directly through the channel by visiting the link found on the Product publishing card. "

I am using the ResourceFeedback api to surface product errors. I am confused as to how I should be generating links in the Account section of my sales channel that show the number of products without errors and the number of products with errors. I couldn't find how to do this with the ResourceFeedback api or the ProductListing api. Additionally, should these links redirect to the Bulk Editor, the product admin or pages within the sales channel application? How should I go about redirecting to the bulk editor or product admin and only show products without errors or only show products with errors that have been made available to my sales channel? I couldn't find any documentation or clear instructions on this.




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Any solution for this?

How to generate link with requirements parameters to open /admin/bulk editor?