Sales tax set up but not collecting

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I have Shopify set up to collect sales tax in my state and each product has the “collect sales tax” box checked. When I create a manual order, tax is automatically added in. But when a customer does it on their own through my store, taxes aren’t being added. What’s the deal here? I’ve had a bunch of sales this month and I’m going to have to dish out the tax on my own due to this error.


Any ideas?

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My initials thoughts are that one of the following issues are occurring: 


  • not all of your products have the 'collect sales tax' box checked within their product settings (note: each individual product variant has it's own checkbox for charging taxes, so for products with multiple variants, you'd need to make sure each variant has taxes enabled). 
  • the customers purchasing from your site aren't from the location that you've set up taxes for. 


If you can provide some screenshots of your settings, as well as a link to your store, then I'd be happy to take a look and test your checkout, to see if it's working on my end. 


Also if you could provide a screenshot of an order where taxes should be charged, but aren't being charged (with the customer's name, email, phone, and street address blurred out -- so we only see the product purchased + city/state/country of the order + order totals), then that would also help with troubleshooting the issue. 

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