Sales team checking out as user. How to avoid tracking session in various analytics tools.

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So we would like our sales team to be able to sell subscriptions over the phone. 


As far as I can tell shopify does not permit selling subscriptions/selling plan items in a draft order, even on plus.  So the only way we can think of to accomplish this is by using the api to create a checkout page with the items pre added (not actually sure if this will work with selling plans either) and then have our sales team check out as if they were the user.

I'm concerned that in doing this it will render our analytics useless as many of the attributed sales will appear to be coming from the  browser sessions of our sales team. 

Is there an easy way to exclude the particular session from tracking if i create the cart/checkout page via api, but of course still track the sale?

This is of specific concern when dealing with attribution for google and facebook ad conversion tracking purposes.

thanks for your ideas, 


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