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Is there an app / plug-in that automates product CSV imports and can import daily files to update pricing, inventory and more? 

My Shopify store has over 15k products from many different suppliers. I have a program that will create a product CSV file daily with updated information, however how can I automate that file upload daily without me having to manually import the file. 

The file would be uploaded to a server at the same time every day. Ideally I’m looking for an app that can access that file and import it with a preset mapping of the data contained in the CSV. 

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Hi @Tobias_ESP,

For automating daily CSV imports with over 15k products from various suppliers, a custom app might be the most suitable solution for your Shopify store since existing app might not cost effective at this scale. Additionally an app can be designed to automatically fetch the CSV file from your server at a set time each day and import it with preset data mapping to update pricing, inventory, and other product details.

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@Tobias_ESP, are you looking to just update existing products from your CSV or to also create new products if they don't already exist?

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The file would also create any missing products or new products that haven’t been added to my website. 

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We have an automation template for that:


I should be able to customize it for your particular CSV file.