lexical unrecognized attribute pubdate lexical unrecognized attribute pubdate

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I am checking the website issue through semrush and found that it suggests that the structured data does not recognize the publish time, but I have set to show the publish time, is it a system reason?



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Same error over here: 
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To fix the Semrush error you could remove the underlined text from the theme template. Will likely be found in a blog article liquid file in theme code editor. 



The reason this happens is what it says pubdate isn't recognised by Schema or Google so irrelevant. But you do have datePublished so the info is there and works fine. 


A cleaner fix might be to remove ALL the legacy Microdata format schema and instead leave the JSON-LD schema intact. You currently have both. Microdata is legacy, and it's a bit of a double up having both, but not a huge issue, but if someone is editing the code might as well remove it. Usually takes a dev about 30mins for a dev to comb through theme files to clean out Microdata.

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