Scrape (Export) Aliexpress Product Data And Bulk Import With CSV To Shopify - HOW?

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Hi, so here's the deal.


I will prefix this by saying I dont want to use Zendrop, CJ, DSers or AutoDS or any other of these dropshipping tools that use their own chinese agents and that then charge an indefinite amount per sale. I will use my own agent once sales start to pick up.


I want to scrape product data from aliexpress, either using a scraper that I build myself (help appreciated) or with an existing webscraping tool. Anyhow the csv file content that I get out of it in case of the tool would probably as always be in the wrong order and structure so I would have to get it to fit to the shopify csv product file template.

Does anybody know if there is a scraper out there with an integration to shopify in order to format it so it fits the product csv template in shopify?


Other option would be to use another tool if it exists to structure the information from one csv to the next as needed. 


If anybody knows anything about this let me know

Much appreech!!!


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