Search issue, wanted to see if anyone has any ideas how to fix

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If you go on my site Doggie Diva and you do a search for any word/product, you will see the results look all messed up, one product is layered onto another. I need to fix this ASAP but can't seem to figure out why it is happening, any ideas and how to fix?

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If you need this resolved quickly contact me at to debug and fix it.


You may just need to add the CSS class "clearfix" to each search results container since if looks like there's heavy use of floats for the photography being used.

Beyond that there are many problems on that page like the following error:


Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/SEO-All-in-one.liquid Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/swish-loader.liquid


This typically happens after an app install that had automatic and manual code changes.

And can often be creating malformed html 

You may be able to resolve that by rolling back your themes relevant file that that app changed 

This can also be after non-app related changes such as trying to make style changes or changing the structure of the site.



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Thanks. I can't figure this out.