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Seemingly impossible to connect YouTube Brand Account to Shopify Google Channel/Merchent Center

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I am struggling with a challenge that has bested me for weeks. 

In short: 

I have a monetized YouTube channel that meets the requirements for Shopify connection. This YT account is logged in by (myemailaddress)


I also have a Merchent Center account that is claimed and verified for my store, using (myemailaddress)


However, crucially, my YouTube account, as all others are, is a brand account. When I log into YouTube via my email address, I am given this option: 

Email option_blurred.jpg


If I select my actual email address:

Shopify will continue the setup and the Google app plugin will correctly show my merchant account number (That is associated with the same email.)

If I select my brand account: 

Shopify will append the email address and use my brand account email address. Note: This is not a real address as confirmed by Google support articcles. You cannot sign into this account. 


Consequently, now Shopify shows my connected account as the appended brand account: blurred.jpg


This is problematic because, while the connection works, Shopify will then attempt to create or connect a Merchent Center account. This cannot be done, though, because it is impossible to sign in with the linked email address. 


So you are then faced with either a merchent center account you can't access OR a working connection that YouTube sees as incomplete. 



Note: I cannot even use something like Multifeeds to get products manually to Merchent Center, because while that would work to get the products there, YouTube still sees the setup as incomplete and you can't select the products for display on the videos. 


Please help. 

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