Selected Option Name not Changing when Thumbnail Carousel image clicked - Dawn v10

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I am using the Dawn Thumbnail Carousel for some of our products on a test site. One issue I have is that the Carousel seems to work 'one-way' only. 


In our case, Thumbnail Carousel Images are linked to the product's 'Select Color' option/variant.  We have a total of 6 Colors, all with different SKUs. When selecting a color in the Select Color Field, the Thumbnail Carousel Image correctly changes to reflect that choice:




However, when I click on one of the Thumbnail Carousel images (below the main product image) the main image changes to that selection, but the selection name under 'Select Color' does not change.  In other words, the result is an image for a color that is different than that selected under 'Select Color:screen3A.jpg




Bottom line, I'd like to have the 'Select Color' option name selection change to the corresponding/selected Carousel image when that Carousel image is clicked.


Alternatively, and if this is not possible, my preference would be to simply make the Thumbnail Carousel images non-clickable.


Thanks in advance. 


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