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My client wants selling products only b2b. Is it possible to do it in basic plan without shopify plus. I want show price only for registered clients and only registered clients can add product to cart. Are there any limitations on the Shopify basic plan?

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Hi @Emirates7 


The Shopify Basic plan by default doesn't have an option for hiding prices and add to cart button with B2C customers.

But it's possible to do so without upgrading to Shopify Plus by using third-party apps. You can use the Login/Lock & Hide Price app. 

You can either use the Force Login rule to block the entire product pages from specific customers. When customers go to the product page, and they are not allowed to, the page will display something like this:




view (1).png

Or you can use the Login to See Price rule, which can hide the product's price or Add to Cart button for specific customers. 


view (2).png


They have the rules free for development stores, so you could create a development store and test around to see if that's the right solution you want.


 I hope that it's useful to you. If you need any further help, please let me know.


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You basically have 2 options.


1 - use one or more apps to try to cover the functions of selling B2B. You mention logins and different price list but there is a lot more to a successful B2B program than that. Shopify is a great platform but it was built for B2C. 


2 - use a platform built specifically for B2B sales that integrates with shopify to pull in your product/inventory. 


I helped co-found Sellify to help my clients excel in B2B sales by covering the gaps in their current order management, retail and CRM solutions. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Unique logins and price lists for B2B accounts. 
  • Fully segregated B2B and B2C customers (don't mix and match these customer lists)
  • Special discounting abilities for B2B
  • Support for credit terms and future invoicing
  • Easily send quotes and invoices
  • Full integrated stock aware CRM to manage your B2B relationships
  • Out of the box shopping experience built for how b2b customers shop. Supports quick ordering, custom collections and bundles, tax rules and more.


This is a full solution to build and grow your wholesale sales. We offer a free Shopify integration so you can easily connect to Shopify to pull in inventory and products to get started selling B2B in minutes.


We offer very competitive pricing and starter plans for newer brands. Check out Sellify to learn more.

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