Selling digital gift cards for multiple brick-and-mortar stores (vendors)

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Hey. Im designing a store that sells multiple gift card products, each of these gift cards are valid for different brick-and-mortar stores. I have couple of  obstacles I need to solve.

1) Is there a way to set expiry date always to (for example) one year from purchase by default and have this expiry date be printed on customer email with gift card code? What I understood from the tutorials is that the customer email displaying the gift card and the code doesn't have the expiry date on them.

2) When gift card is issued after purchase, can I filter issued gift cards by the product they were assigned to when they were purchased? I will have all the different brick-and-mortar stores as different vendors in my store and would like to see what gift card (code) is issued to each vendor.

I played around with APP but it had it limitations for my purpose (I can only have one gift card product). 


Thanks in advance