SEO Audit - 18 pages with H1 Tag and Page Title the Same

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UPDATE: I was able to figure out some of the issues. In Shopify admin when creating some of the collection pages and product pages...I didn't change the "Edit Website SEO" information at the very bottom when creating these pages. By default it fills in this area with your page title. I had changed many of my pages but with some I left it with the default as I thought that would be ok.  Well apparently the info at the bottom on the individual product and collection pages is the H1 Tag. So they all really need to be changed. 

However... I still have issues with pages generated that I don't set up. For instance the "All Products" page. We don't create that in Shopify admin and it's generated I'm assuming by the theme. So the theme code for will need to be edited..but I don't know how. So if someone could help me figure that out I would really appreciate it. Thank you. 


An SEO audit has revealed.... 18 pages have duplicate H1 and title tags. The H1 tag and the Page Title are the same. I'm using the Empire theme by Pixel Union. Would someone please tell me how to fix this? 

Example can be seen here on this page: --- this is a collection page.

And the collection.liquid in the theme shows this: 

<h1 class="collection--title">
{{ collection.title }}