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Does anyone know how to get my SEO title tags and meta descriptions to show live? I've edited them within Shopify on one of my Collections, but it doesn't show live on the site. 


I know that this is a theme issue as I previewed my site in another theme and the title tag shows 😞 


I believe this problem could be related to an uninstalled Booster SEO app. 



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Could you share the link to one of the collections you edited? 


If uninstalling the Booster SEO app somehow removed the title tags, they can be restored to the theme by updating the theme files. 


For example, in the most recent version of Prestige, the theme.liquid file should have code like this close to the top:

<title>{% if page_title == blank %}{{ }}{% else %}{{ page_title }}{% if current_page != 1 %} &ndash; {{ '' | t: page: current_page }}{% endif %}{% endif %}</title>

    {%- if page_description -%}
      <meta name="description" content="{{ page_description | escape }}">
    {%- endif -%}


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I managed to fix it by removing the booster code left in the theme.liquid!