Separating pages for color change

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Hello, can anyone help me make pages of different color swatches work as separate pages? Now we have 80 colors listed on one page, and when color is selected - the customer stays on the same page, but a different color is shown. When the customer chooses a color -> dedicated page for that product color is opened, we want to do that.


We want to have the functionality of color switches (pages changing) like here: (once you select color - it opens a page designated for that specific color)


Now we have like here: (once you select the color - it doesn't open a new page, everything happens on the same one)


Our goal is to have ten times more indexable pages on google with this functionality!

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Not shopify related

Neither of those stores are on shopify.

Consult the relevant forums for your platform.


To add swatches to a shopify theme 

Or adjust product pages to act like a collection page of individual products styled like a product page with variants

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The first page is what result we want and our store is - sorry maybe was bad link