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Hello, I hope someone can help.

Setting up a store for our Insulation material company and have stumbled onto a possible unique case here. We sell PIR insulation boards to our customers in-store individually/per board but plan on selling them in packs on the Shopify store. We use a Saas provider called Unleashed for our inventory tracking and order processing and will remain to do so when the site launches. Shopify directly integrates with this which is great. Problem is when we list a pack of PIR boards on the site and a customer purchases them it will link with the SKU to Unleashed where the SKU is for an individual board, not a pack. This could be solved by creating a SKU for packs but this will cause more issues with stock management that will become messy.

So, therefore, I am trying to see if there is a way of creating a product listing on Shopify as a pack of 6 with the price for a pack of 6. When added to the cart it will add quantity 6 of the item so when it passes through to Unleashed it will reduce the quantity by the correct amount. I understand the price will also have to be modified to be per board but display as per pack. Is this something that is achievable by coding it in?

I hope someone is able to provide some assistance with this.



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You'd want to use an alternate template for this, basically a copy of the default product template your theme has but where the Quantity field has been set to a fixed value.

Some basics to get started: 


Your complications are A) hiding the quantity change in the cart or cart-drawer for that item

and B) if you want customers to be able add multiples of this "6 pack" to the cart you'll need to have an indirect quantity field that updates the final quantity by a multiple of 6.


Contact me at if you need this advanced customization.

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Hi, Christopher.

Thanks @PaulNewton  for your help. I wanted to shed some light with some app suggestions. 

It sounds like you want to be able to have your customers purchase a pack of individual products, and also count the inventory for each of those products. 

While you could create a new product for each pack, I’m hearing that this wouldn’t be helpful for you in the long term. 

I’m wondering if using an app that bundles your products together would work for your store. These apps help customers add different products and variants to their cart in a bundle, and links different products into one so you can still keep track of your inventory. 

Here are some apps you can try:

Bundles by Gazebo

Bundler - Product Bundles by Goldendev | Nice 

Bold Bundles - Product Bundles by BOLD

Check out similar apps here: Product bundling apps

These apps are made by third-party developers, for any questions please contact the third-party developer directly by using the contact information under the “Support” area of the app’s page. 

Have you tried apps like these before?

Tira | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Good morning,

Thanks, @PaulNewton and @Tira for your advice. The duplicate theme seems like an idea but as you mentioned other issues could stem from that. I've looked at the Bundle app options but they don't really suit this need I don't believe. I'm going to keep looking at both options, but may also choose the route of just modifying the order as it enters into our Sales system Unleashed.

Thanks again both you for your help,