Set Metafields on items with a specific tag via Flow?

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Hi people.


As the headline states.


Is it possible to have Flow (or any other easy solution) to add a Metafield text to specific items with a certain tag? I did create the Metafield itself, it just needs the value.


The reason I can' do it in bulk, is because there is thousands of products, and I can only change 50 at the time.


So for example, I have 18.000+ products with tag Merchandise. Those products needs Metafield value text "PRE-ORDER".


Is this possible?



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We could do that with our app mesa. This is an example which does the reverse (metafield => tag), just to give you an idea:


And running this on 18k products wouldn't be a problem using our time travel feature.

Kalen Jordan
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