Sharing Order Level Profit Data To Google Ads Conversions Tag?

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Hi guys


I’m working with a client who has a Shopify basic store - I am running Google Ads for them.

We’re interested in exploring ways to share order level profit data with Google ads in order to track as a conversion (e.g. a duplicated "purchase" conversion that would have profit rather than revenue as the conversion value). 


I haven’t used Shopify much so am unsure what is possible, but I know we have order level COGS / profit info in the Shopify store. 


Does anyone have any tips / pointers on potential ways to implement sharing of order level profit data from Shopify to the Google ads account for conversions (e.g. via any apps, APIs, datalayer, server side tracking) etc? 



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If you're running Shopping Ads via products in Google Merchant Centre, you can upload your COGS there.

You can then edit your conversion tracking code to include basket data and then generate reports in Google Ads showing cart size, order value, COGS, profit etc.

Google has a help page here:

There is an article here giving steps specific to Shopify:

If you're not using Merchant Centre I don't think it's possible to feed COGS data into Google Ads to generate profit reports.