Shipping Item Tax with Discount

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We're looking for a way to have Shopify calculate the tax on shipping whether or not a discount is applied so that we can map it to our accounting platform as per the example below, screenshots are the .xml view of orders:

During a normal transaction the customer selects their shipping option and tax_lines.price is calculated as expected. 

image (2).png

When a free shipping discount is applied Shopify says "shipping = $0 so don't bother working out the tax" so we know shipping was $9 but have no idea what the tax amount would have been had the discount not been applied.
image (1).png















What we're hoping to achieve is to have shopify calculate the tax anyway so that we can pull the value into our accounting platform and then discount the shipping (incl tax) after that point so we can still pull the value out of shopify and know the total value of what the shipping would have been if not discounted.

Shopify suggested editing the checkout.liquid but we're unsure as to what you would change given it's all a part of the shopify default code. Has anyone been successful with similar changes or have any hints?

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