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Hi I’m so new to this. I’m trying to work out how I can just offer Pickup and Local delivery without the postage options? Can anyone pls help 

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Are you trying to do this through:

  1. Shopifys native shipping settings (in the shopify admin)
  2. Through an third party app / carrier service
  3. Or through the api?
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Through native settings  I think as we are going to do the deliveries not a third party 


I pretty much just want 

pick up or local delivery as the options but I don’t know how to achieve that 

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Hi there


Our app Store Pickup & Delivery allows you to use Pickup, Delivery or Shipping as standalones or all three options together it depends what your needs are within your store.


By using our 3rd party app it doesn't mean that we do the actual deliveries for you, you can organise that yourself.