Shopfiy forcing their auto return feature, not wanted!

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I have return rules turned off yet I received a return request notification anyways.. why??


I have my own return policies written up on my policies page, one item of which is sale items are final sale. Yet I received a return notice anyways.


Is the default setting for all shopify customers to be allowed to request a return if the merchant has the auto returns feature turned off? ..despite what the merchants policies are? Now I have to 'Decline' the request which is going to send some generic impersonal email to my customer. Previously customers would contact us to request a return or exchange which gives us the ability to better address their concerns and personalize the experience. Is it possible to 'turn off' return requests for the customer so they go back to contacting us directly before making a request?

How about instead of "Let customers know about ineligible items and return fees before the request a return." (by using the impersonal and forced upon auto return feature), Shopify but-out and let the merchant dictate the return request flow.

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