Shopify AMP Pages - Still worth in 2024 ?

Shopify AMP Pages - Still worth in 2024 ?

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Hello everyone,

i hope you all had a successful week so far.

When I checked an analysis report of my shop, I noticed an "error" indicating that I don't support AMP pages. Honestly, I wasn't aware of AMP at this point, so I read some articles about it.

It actually sounds promising since I aim to improve the loading time for mobile users (currently at 2-2.5 seconds).


However, a few things crossed my mind during my research. Most of the articles I read were from a few years ago, and it seems that nowadays, not many people pay much attention to AMP anymore.

Even big companies like Twitter have gotten rid of it.


Certainly, I want to enhance loading times and improve my Google ranking.

The question is, how relevant are AMP pages nowadays? It seems Google doesn't consider them a high indicator for good rankings anymore.

Moreover, implementing AMP pages appears to be a significant undertaking, especially to ensure they align well with my current shop theme and style.

I would appreciate hearing your opinions on how relevant you think AMP is in 2024 and whether you believe it's truly worth the effort.


Looking forward to any responses. Thanks in advance.

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Hey @JustinCoziness 


There is no value added to start using AMP if you're not already. So I wouldn't personally install an AMP app today. A lot of tools recommend AMP because it's a checkbox item they can add to their list, but it doesn't add any value anymore.


Google no longer cares if you use AMP or not, it's not a ranking factor nor will it help you get your pages indexed. Using AMP creates essentially an entirely different URL and removes a lot of the functionality stores use to operate. So you end up creating a lot of extra work for yourself with no payoff.


This article helps explain in more detail why AMP isn't necessary or valuable for Shopify stores:


Hope that helps.

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