Shopify Analytics not working on every page!!

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Hi all!

Shopify analytics is expected to track events for every single page of a store. And that is not happening!!


We're facing an issue since the last Friday, where using an alternate template ( will make Shopify Analytics stop working. 


#1 - This page doesn't track visits --->

#2 - This page does track visits     --->


Looking at the differences in the source code of the pages, we realize that the ?view= parameter is breaking the {{content_for_header}} rendering, which means the code for Shopify analytics and other native pixel codes are not working.

The following screenshot is from a regular page without the "?view" URL parameter...


The highlighted part on the screenshot is part of the code missing on the pages with the "?view" URL parameter.

Trekkie script is not present on the alternate page (the one with the ?view=quote parameter), which means no native pixel codes are being loaded (Google & Facebook), even the Shopify analytics is not registering visits to those pages.

I've checked several pages hosted on Shopify, and it seems all of them are facing the same issues!


Shopify support won't help us... their response was (and I'm quoting them):

"I'm afraid the complexity of the issue you have would fall outside the scope of our technical support we are able to provide"


we use the alternate templates as landing pages for our Facebook ads... and this is a big issue that is preventing us to properly track visits and conversions coming from the ads.


Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

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One week later, the problem was suddenly resolved, and Shopify support keeps asking me to explain what is the issue.