Shopify App on IPhone App Store not working

Shopify App on IPhone App Store not working

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So I went to the iPhone App Store and searched for Shopify app, I went to download it and clicked the “get” button and it shakes/wiggles then does nothing.


before this I clicked it and it acted like it was going to install never prompted me to go a face scan or sign in then it changed to the cloud icon as if it was installed in the past. 

I have never had the app icon on my app screen or downloaded before.


so to trouble shoot I signed out of iCloud , turned off my WiFi, shut off my phone and reset it. 

this prompted the Shopify app icon back to the “get” button but when I click it it will not download it just shakes/bounces. 

is there a way to fix this I need to access the app on my phone for when I do not have access to a computer on the go.

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