Shopify Balance & Reserved Funds Disappeared

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We made a switch from our Shopify Payments SGD bank account to a brand new Shopify Payments USD bank account on May 21, 2024. We had a balance of about 6-7k SGD in balance and 10k SGD in reserves which were unpaid. The 10k SGD reserves would release on July 23, 2024. And we thought the remaining 6-7k SGD balance would continue to pay out. 

However, after the switch to the Shopify Payments USD bank account, we've stopped receiving the remaining payout balance of 6-7k SGD. The last payout was May 24, 2024. 

I reached out to support on May 28, 2024. And it has been escalated to Shopify's billing & payments team. I heard back from them on June 7, 2024. I was informed that they would help to transfer 6k SGD in reserves to my USD account. 

It's concerning because I had more money to be paid out and now it is missing! There is a huge discrepancy in pay out and I don't even know where my money is. 

I wanted to check my SGD balance once more, so I took a pause on all of my advertising and business. I made a switch again from USD bank account to SGD bank account, in hopes to view the balance and reserve in SGD. To my horror, the payout was $0 in balance. There is nothing left there. 

I quickly switched back to my USD bank account once more, and the nightmare just begun. All my previous USD balance is also now $0 in balance. 

At this point of time, I do not know how I can move on from here. My cashflow has been greatly disrupted, I have to pay my suppliers and software costs, bills, etc. 

What should I do from here? I can't even call Shopify and their payment and billing team takes 1 business day to reply each time. Everything is crashing down at this point, and I don't even know where my money is...

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