Shopify Banner stuck on "Navigate to Admin"

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For over a week now my black shopify banner that shows at the bottom of my store when I'm logged into my admin only shows "Navigate to Admin" instead of changing depending on whether I'm a product page, collection or home page. 


I have tried: 
- Different browsers

- clearing cache and cookies

- incognito mode

- clicking the eye icon next to Online Store in admin


It just stays on "Navigate to Admin". Is there anyone else who have successfully got it fixed? No code on the site has changed. Just overnight it stopped working. 

Driving me crazy as I used the bar quite often when I wanted to quickly edit something on a specific page or product. 

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It's not just you. Broke for a client a few weeks ago, but worked for my account until today (until I contacted support). I'm guessing something was stored in my cookies/cache that kept it working this long. I just posted here about it. Supposedly they're passing it on to a developer but couldn't give any estimate for when I would get a response. Day, month, week, year... who knows? Fun!

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A day after I made this post it started working for me again. 


I ran Onyx App on my mac and did a clean of all caches and logs. Could also be because I was chatting with support again and they said from their side it worked perfectly. 5 minutes later my bar worked as normal. 


Would be great if there was an option to turn it on and off, just to do a force reset of the cookie/cache that the code is stored in. 

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When visiting my store as a customer, I'm seeing the black Navigate to admin bar at the bottom as well. Do you know if customers also see the bar?

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No, only you see the banner when you are logged into you admin. You might still see it if you are not logged it, but that is only because you've been cookie'ed. Your customers don't see it. 

You can also check using a different browser or incognito mode, you shouldn't see the banner then.