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Shopify Cart "Remove" button Directs me back to the checkout page

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as the subject says, whenever i try to remove an item from my cart, instead of removing the product it just directs me back to the checkout page. 

i am using the Thalia theme, do anyone knows a work around for this??



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thank you. any suggestions on how to fix this will be appreciated

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As The remove and update are using button they are getting the form submitted to checkout instead of that try to replace the button with <a> tag with remove and update link. 

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I am not sure what to change in all of this.  i'm very new to all this. any help is appreciated.

<!-- Cart item -->
<div class="container-table-cart pos-relative">
<div class="wrap-table-shopping-cart bgwhite">
<table class="table-shopping-cart">
<tr class="table-head">
<th class="column-1"></th>
<th class="column-2">{{ 'cart.general.heading_product_name' | t }}</th>
<th class="column-3">{{ 'cart.general.heading_unit_price' | t }}</th>
<th class="column-4 p-l-70">{{ 'cart.general.heading_quantity' | t }}</th>
<th class="column-5">{{ 'cart.general.heading_total' | t }}</th>
{% for item in cart.items %}
<tr class="table-row" data-line="{{ forloop.index }}">
<td class="column-1">
<div class="cart-img-product b-rad-4 o-f-hidden">
<a href="{{ item.url }}">
<img src="{{ item | img_url: '90x120' }}" alt="{{ item.title | escape }}" title="{{ item.title | escape }}" class="" />
<td class="column-2">
<a href="{{ item.url }}">{{ item.product.title }}