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Shopify Catalogue incomplete sync with Meta (Instagram/Facebook)

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Hi - I would be hugely grateful if anyone could help, the Meta team can't seem to fix it and it's severely impacting my business since launching 1 month ago.


The problem -- I can't boost any of my Instagram/Facebook posts as it says the "products are not approved". Yet all products are showing as approved in both Shopify and Meta Business suite. 


From day 1 there were issues syncing my Shopify catalogue with Meta whereby not all product variants (colour/size) came over. When looking at the products on Instagram/Facebook it would only show a random assortment of colour/size available for each product when it should have been the complete set. In the end, a Meta rep and I uninstalled and re-installed everything it which fixed the incomplete catalogues.


Fast forward a week and I'm not able to boost a post with a product tag as it either takes me back to the beginning or shoots up an error saying the product item is not approved.  


Please help anyone as it's been a month where my small business' beautiful posts and content cannot boosted and therefore cannot reach potential customers.


Thank you!!


Screenshot 2023-07-22 162452.png

Meta commerce - all catalog items approved.png

Shopify - all product approved and synced.png

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Hi All,


Also open to going back to square 1 if someone could walk me through that?


I.e. uninstalling/re-installing the Instagram/Facebook sales channel and re-syncing the complete product catalogue again.