Shopify Checkout Error - "Payment Gateway is Invalid"

Shopify Checkout Error - "Payment Gateway is Invalid"

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Hi folks. 

I'm working for a client who has two stores, production and staging. In the staging store, we're using Shopify Payments in Test Mode and we're consistently getting an error message on the Payment Method step of the Checkout Page.

The error message text is "Payment Gateway Is Invalid".

It's styled in a typical Shopify checkout error UI styling, but doesn't prevent Credit Card info from being entered and submitted, and order goes through fine.

Still, it's concerning and makes it tough to tell if there's a legitimate error, so it corrupts our testing environment, since we're trying to test checkout modifications on the Staging Store.

I haven't been able to find any bug reports or forum threads on this specifically showing up in the Checkout template as rendered by Shopify- the error text usually shows up in relation to Storefront API responses.

Any assistance would be invaluable. Thanks. Screenshot is attached for reference.



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