Shopify Child Theme

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I cannot find any documentation on creating a Shopify child theme in the same manner that Wordpress allows for child themes. Anyone know where I can find this documentation?

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Hey there,

I share the frustration, and I believe this hasn't hit Shopify's roadmap due to their target audience for the platform - which are primarily vendors looking to establish an online storefront, or entrepreneurs looking to dip their toes into E-Commerce.

With that said, I've been working with Shopify for a number of years, and I've recently done some writing on how to establish a Theme Inheritance/Boilerplate/Parent-Child Structure for theming in Shopify. The solution doesn't lie in Shopify, but rather a DevOps approach to making this possible with some Git magic!

I am sure this can benefits many Shopify Theme Developers out there that are focused on DevOps and want to establish a modular approach to theme development in Shopify.

You can find that article here:

I hope it helps!