Shopify CLI and Continuous Integration

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Hi Shopify Community,

I want to integrate Shopify CLI into our CICD pipeline to auto push and publish the the app extension to Shopify. But I cannot find a way how to authenticate the Shopify CLI in a silent way (e.g. by passing authentication credential directly), instead of the interactive way in browser. I've been gone through all the documentation and discussions, but couldn't find any clue for that. Hoping someone knows if this is possible or is documented somewhere! 


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I would also like to know how to specify an API key for the CLI. Login via OAuth is not suitable for CI/CD.

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To everyone in this thread: please go to and upvote the issue at the top. The more upvotes it gets, the sooner Shopify will introduce this feature!

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This is the response that we got as an official Shopify Partner:

If you are looking for CLI support, then I suggest heading over to our Shopify CLI Github repo. In this case because what you are looking to do is not currently a feature of the CLI tool, it would be considered a feature request. I also recommend that once you have created a Github issue, you share this Github issue back into your forum post. This can encourage other posters to reply in the Github issue as well as follow it there. This type of extra interaction could help to cause more movement on finding a solution from our internal teams.

Raising the priority on this looks like the only way to solving this, so make sure to ask anyone whom it may concern to help out.

Let's do this!
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We're trying to collect some more information to understand what developers are trying to push in their CD pipelines - if you're interested in this feature, can you vote on this post? This'll help us with our planning for this feature. Thanks! 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Its March 2022 - any updates on this feature request. Has this yet made it to your pipelines?

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I know App Extensions are handled now (did not check the rest since we only use App Ext). See