Shopify CLI - Image repo rewritten

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Good afternoon,

I am currently using Shopify CLI to custom one of my theme. I pulled it, no issue but my pictures from my asset repo are not available. The link was rewritten.

Here is an example, what I should have: [my-link-to-cdn]/90/assets/new_slide_01_large.jpg?v=11570081964739538081

What i actually have: [my-link-to-cdn]/95/assets/new_slide_01_large.jpg?v=11570081964739538081

my code:

<img loading="lazy" class="lazyload" src="{{ 'new_slide_01_large.jpg' | asset_url}}" alt="{{ settings.new_slide_01_alt }}" width="1180" height="454">


I have been looking for an answer on the internet but so far no luck. Anyone who can help me or give me a lead?