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Shopify Code Causing Form Mobile Error

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Hi all,


I'm having an issue with a form hosted on my shopify page. The page can be found here:


When you look at the page on a mobile phone, specifically an iphone, you can't click from field to field in the form. For example, if you click on the First Name field and type your response, you can't then directly click on the Last Name field. You need to either click done to "deselect" the first name field and then click the Last Name field, or use the arrows to jump to the next field. We're worried that this error is keeping people from completing the form. 


The form is a Salesforce/Pardot form and I've spoken to their support team to confirm that there is nothing in the form code to cause this issue. I've even viewed the form alone and had no issue tapping from field to field. The issue only occurs when viewing the form as it's placed on the shopify site. 


I'm hoping that someone with a little bit more experience in code can take a look at the page code and see if there's something that may be causing this issue. I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you very much everyone!

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Your form works on a desktop browser, but you are correct on an iphone it doesn't perform how i would expect it to.

What is the form for, is it just a contact form?

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It's not a contact form. It's more like a request more information type of form. We use salesforce and pardot as our CRM so the form has to be from there to properly manage all our accounts.